Membership Charges
Membership is FREE for all.

How to become a library member?

  • Your membership is automatically registered under the library and will be renewed annually.

If not registered, please refer to these steps below:-

  • Fill in a membership application form at the counter
  • Membership application forms are also available online
  • Online membership application form can be filled in at PSP or from the Internet at this link (...)

Membership card

  • Students, teachers, and staff will receive a digital membership card once registration is completed.

Internet Access

Enjoy the fast Internet connection provided by the library that helps you connected to the World Wide Web for doing your research online and accessing reading materials online.

Personal Page

Membership Personal Page is for you to obtain information on your transactions with the Library.

  • Change your personal profile
  • Change your password
  • Check your membership information
  • Check the status of your book reservation
  • Check your fine balance
  • Find out what books you have borrowed so far

Member Log In

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